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Creature information
Scientific name : Beelzebufo ampinga
Time period : Late Cretaceous
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Fatalities caused : Two baby Majungasaurus
Appearances : Survival Tactics

Beelzebufo (name meaning "Beelzebub's toad") is a genus of cat-sized prehistoric frog that live in Madagascar during the Late Cretaceous period.

Physical Characteristic[]

The species may have grown to over 40 cm (16 in) and 4 kg (9 lb) larger than any living frogs, including the largest known species, the goliath frog, which can be up to 32 cm (13 in). The head was big, and bones of the skull roof show a rugous external surface, indicating at least parts of the head may have borne bony scales, called scutes.

Beelzebufo was the largest genus of frog to have ever existed. This frog was large enough to feed on small animals as well as juvenile dinosaurs. It was often dubbed the "Devil Frog" due to its size, reputation and its two devil-like horns on its forehead. It was also armored (a rarity among the amphibians).


The first fossil fragments were found in 1993 by David W. Krause of New York's Stony Brook University, but it took 14 years for scientists Susan E. Evans, Marc E. H. Jones, and Krause to assemble enough data for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Some 75 fossil fragments have been found. Researchers have been able to reconstruct parts of the frog's skeleton, including nearly the entire skull.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Survival Tactics[]

A Rahonavis was seen in a tree to escape from two baby Majungasaurus. Two Beelzebufo approached and have proppeled their tongues to the babies. The Beelzebufos then ate the two baby Majungasaurus alive. However, when a herd of Rapetosaurus came, one Beelzebufo got flattened instead.


  • Beelzebufo is the largest amphibian in the series
  • Beelzebufo may or may not have had horns but it is a matter of controversy