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The scene of Brazil appears in the third episode (Survival Tactics) with the Anhanguera as the main character.


A young Anhanguera flying.


It is first shown a nest of pteranodontoid Anhangueras in a beach cliff of Brazil in the Early Cretaceous period (125 M.y). A mother Anhanguera teaches is babies how to fly. She pushes one of her youngs to the ravine and he dies by the fall on the ground. She does the same with another of her youngs, and the baby learned how to fly but is eaten by another adult Anhanguera. The last young also falled down the cliff but he survives the fall onto the beach. The beach was full of crabs, and the pterosaur begans to chase them. But when was chasing a crab it was suddenly driven away by a hungry metasuchian crocodyliform. The crocodyliform chases the Anhanguera and by shear desesperation the pterosaur finnaly learns how to fly and escapes from the hungry predator. The young pterosaur chased a crab and ate it back on the nest. The mother, to ensure that he is prepared, push it's young to the cliff again, but now with the capability to fly like an independent grown Anhanguera.