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Cedarosaurus ("Cedar Lizard") is a macaronian sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous period in what is now North America.

Physical Characteristics[]

Cedarosaurus was 14.02 meters long (46 feet long) and have been estimated to be 40 to 50 tons even though they believe they were lighter due to bones. Cedarosaurus had a more gracile ulna and radius than its relative Venenosaurus. The ratio of the radius' least circumference to its length is .31 in Cedarosaurus. Metatarsal II is more gracile in Cedarosaurus.

Its middle tail vertebrae's neural spines angled anteriorly when the vertebrae are aligned. These vertebrae resemble those of GondwanatitanVenenosaurus, and Aeolosaurus.

The related Venenosaurus had unusual lateral fossae, which looked like deep depressions in the outside walls of the vertebral centra. Some fossae are divided into two chambers by a ridge inside the depression.[4] In most sauropods the fossae would form pneumatic openings leading to the interior of the centrum, rather than just being a depression. Less well-developed, but similar fossae are known from Cedarosaurus itself.

Cedarosaurus was described by Paleontologist Kenneth Carpenter, Virginia Tidwell and Bill Brooks in (1999).

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Survival Tactics[]

It appeared in Survival Tactics where a family was roaming a desert-like area in Utah, they are suddenly spotted by a deadly pack of brown Utahraptors, which gave chase to them, (but only for the youngster) but another grey Utahraptor pack has suddenly an eye on them and also give chase to them. They both manage to catch up to the young sauropod but begin fighting and killing each other for the prey, as they were fighting; the little herbivore tried to escape but his leg was caught by a crocodyliform but the raptors stop and chase it away. The young looks finished, but the adults arrived and killed two members and chased the last two away, the youngster was now back to safety with the herd.