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The scene of China appears in the third episode (Survival Tactics) with the Shunosaurus, Castorocauda and Volaticotherium as main characters.


It is first shown a herd of Shunosaurus in a open area in China during the Middle Jurassic period (170 M.y). One Shunosaurus called Shroomo by fans eats by inexperience hallucinogenic mushrooms. When the sauropod began to feel the efects a pair of Xuanhanosaurus (identified as Sinraptors) attack the herd. The confused sauropod notices the ambush and flees. The theropods chase him because of it's bad state. The Shunosaurus falls down a cliff, but it's stiff ball in the point of the tail became stucked in a rock. The Xuanhanosaurus catches the sauropod, but he defends with it's neck. Then, Shroomo and one of the Xuanhanosaurus fall down the cliff when the tail get free. Shroomo awakes on the bottom of the cliff and with a dead Xuanhanosaurus under him. Shroomo get's back to it's herd and learning the lesson.


A couple of Shunosaurus in the plains of China.

Later, it is shown another scene with two Guanlongs in a chinese rainforest in the Middle - Late Jurassic (160 M.y). The two theropods were fighting each other for a lizard when a docodont Castorocauda passes threw them. The Guanlongs forget the lizard and chases the fury animal. They stop when the Castorocauda hides in a hollow tree trunk. When one of the carnivores looked to the hiding prey, the Castorocauda sprays an anal secretion to the predator's eyes. The second Guanlong done the same thing and payed the price. However, the predator's tail throw the hollow tree trunk to the water, trapping a fish on it. The Castorocauda eats the trapped fish. At night, the Guanlongs were chasing for a new prey, this time a triconodont mammal Volaticotherium. The gliding mammal was always escaping from the dinosaurs, but the two predators jumped into a surface in the middle of the lake trying to catch the Volaticotherium. Then, the mammal landed in the Guanlong head and the theropod began to shaking is head and marching, until the Volaticotherium glides away. However all that confusion as awaken a giant Mamenchisaurus that was actually the surface that the Guanlongs were. Scared, the theropods escaped to a rock in the middle of the lake. In the end, the two predator's are find surrounded by neosuchid crocodyliforms.