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The cockroach is an insect that lived generally before, during and later the age of the dinosaurs. It was a very common character of Dinosaur Revolution and appears in the all four episodes.


Evolution's Winners[]

The cockroach just appears in the begining of Dinosaur Revolution in the Permian-Triassic massive extinction event at 250 M.y ago. The insect is almost stepped on by a synapsid Inostrancevia.

The Watering Hole[]

The cockroach is first shown walking on a tree branch but falls by a stampede of Dinheirosaurus. Later, it is shown being almost eaten by a Rhamphorhynchus but gets free when the pterosaur is attacked by a young Ornitholestes.

Survival Tactics[]

The cockroach is briefly shown walking on a turtle shell.

End Game[]

The cockroach appears in the nuclear winter in the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event at 66 M.y ago. The insect is almost hunted by a passing Troodon.


The cockroach can survive one week without a head! The insect just dies of lost of food!