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The crocodyliforms were a group of archosaurian reptiles that constitutes most Mesozoic genera of crocodilian-like reptiles and the modern crocodilians. The lineage modern crocodilians evolved from originated 55 million years ago, after the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs, so all the crocodyliforms that appeared in the Mesozoic Era were other species.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Survival Tactics[]

Several unidentified species of crocodyliforms appear throughout the episode.

A North American crocodyliform is seen attacking a young Cedarosaurus. However, it is forced to retreat into the water after a Utahraptor gouges its right eye out. The same crocodyliform is later shown killing a Utahraptor that fell in the lake.

Later, a group of Asian crocodyliforms is also shown crowding a pair of Guanlongs trapped in a rock on the middle of a lake.

In the final segment of the episode, two South American crocodyliforms try to attack Beaky after he fell onto the beach they were foraging from. However, they end up crashing into each other after the young Anhanguera takes off and flies to safety.


  • One thing that some Mesozoic crocodyliforms had was the capability to run and bounce like a modern mammal because of it's long legs. One real example is the Junggarsuchus with long legs to run on land and not to swim in the water.