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Cryolophosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Antarctica during the Early Jurassic period.

Physical Characteristics[]


In Dinosaur Revolution[]

The show first featured a female Cryolophosaurus with her eggs, later coming with her mate, the smaller male, but another male arrived and blushed - but the resident male didn't like this, and they fought. The rival male kicked the first male down and jumped onto the first male. This action is similar to Charles R. Knight's famous painting Leaping Laelaps. He tore off the pair of crests, winning the battle, however the defeated male survives. The second male then threw the smaller male’s crests onto the ground before breaking the eggs open and leaving the nest with the female following him.

Later, when a lone Glacialisaurus was chased away from the main herd, the same male Cryolophosaurus stalked him, and when some mosquitoes attacked the sauropodomorph, the Cryolophosaurus followed onto the log and battled him, but the Glacialisaurus fell to the mud, and the predator was attacked by the mosquitoes instead. Cryolophosaurus flees to the Glacialisaurus herd in panic as the mosquitoes attack him, and he doesn't attack the herbivore, although the herd's original patriarch did run away. However, the Glacialisaurus survived. Finally, that same Cryolophosaurus was last seen chasing a Glacialisaurus with the mosquitoes following as the sun sets.