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Evolution's Winners is the first episode of Dinosaur Revolution. It shows the fall of mammal-like reptiles and the origin of the dinosaurs, and how they took over the world.


The episode focuses on the mating rituals of dinosaurs and features a male Eoraptor's struggle to find a mate, a duel between two male Cryolophosaurus, a Glacialisaurus's struggle to join a herd, and a Gigantoraptor's attempt to impress a female. It also focuses on postnatal care of offspring, featuring a mother mosasaur as she tries to protect her offspring from predators during the Late Cretaceous period.

Full synopsis[]

The episode begins with a cockroach skittering on the ground only to be scared off by an Inostrancevia, an early relative of mammals. The Inostrancevia finds another one of its kind cannibalizing on the body a larger Inostrancevia, and the two gorgonopsids prepare to fight over the carcass, only for a lava bomb to interrupt them. The two Inostrancevia begin to run for their lives, but the second Inostrancevia is killed when a lava bomb hits it. Meanwhile, the first Inostrancevia continues running until it makes it to a hill, a few seconds before the ground cracks and begins spewing lava. Climbing to the top of the hill, it sees the entire landscape covered in lava, marking the end of the Permian period. As it stares out into the distance, the Inostrancevia roars one last time before it is sprayed and incinerated by lava.

20 million years later, after the Permian extinction, life has rebounded. Herds of large dicynodonts now dominate the landscape while early dinosaurs, like Eoraptor, are outnumbered 10 to 1. The segment begins with a male Eoraptor plucking insects off a sleeping Ischigualastia before a Saurosuchus, a giant forerunner of modern crocodiles, attacks them. While the dicynodont fends off the giant archosaur, the Eoraptor makes his escape. As he watches the two behemoths fight from a safe distance, the Eoraptor hears the distant calls of other Eoraptor and goes to investigate it. Eventually, the Eoraptor finds a congregation of other male Eoraptors in what is described as an "Eoraptor's version of a single's bar." Here, the congregated males have built small mounds of sand, dirt, rocks, and sticks to impress potential mates. The Eoraptor decides to try his luck with building a mound just before the females arrive. As the females approach him, the Eoraptor gets distracted by their beauty, and accidentally trips and falls. With the females passing him, the Eoraptor quickly gets up rushes to his mound, just in time for the mound inspection process. One female takes interest in the Eoraptor, but her interest in him soon fizzles once the wind knocks over his mound and she walks away. The male tries desperately to call her back until he spots the Saurosuchus coming in for an attack. He lets out a warning call, but before the others can react, the Saurosuchus attacks the congregation, attacking a nearby male and knocking the female Eoraptor out.

As all of the other Eoraptors flee, the female wakes up and sees the male giving her a warning call. Looking around, she notices that the Saurosuchus has set its sights on her and quickly gets up. As the Saurosuchus gives chase, the female Eoraptor runs towards the male and they take refuge inside of a burrow. The Saurosuchus tries to get to the two dinosaurs, first by clawing at them, then by stomping the ground to collapse the burrow in on itself, but fails. While the Saurosuchus increasingly gets frustrated by its lack of success, the two Eoraptors back away from the burrow's entrance. However, it becomes apparent that the two dinosaurs are not along, as out of nowhere, the burrow's inhabitant, a Probelesodon, attacks them from behind and tries to maul the male Eoraptor. As the two animals fight each other, the male Eoraptor manages to kick the cynodont off of him, but this results in the Probelesodon flying out of its burrow and landing perfectly in the Saurosuchus's mouth. The Saurosuchus promptly devours the cynodont and leaves, albeit a bit confused by the turn of events, yet satisfied that it at least got something out of its hunt. As the archosaur walks away, the female accepts the male as her mate.

Later, the male and female Eoraptors have laid eggs but when they are ready to hatch there is already trouble. A group of Probelesodon start snacking on the eggs just when the female appears and scares them off. One baby successfully hatches but another Probelesodon appears, stalking it. The baby falls over just for the cynodont to kill it, but then the male appears picking up the cynodont in the jaws then throwing it away, killing it. Afterwards the male calls for his mate who is eating one of the cynodonts, but the male's calls don't go unnoticed: the Saurosuchus hears the call and is ready to hunt. The female meets up with her mate and to her surprise finds one baby. They look for food and find an Ischigualastia carcass, which the baby walks up to but out of nowhere comes the Saurosuchus eating the carcass. The Crocodilian decides to chase the dinosaurs instead. So it begins chasing them, separating the parents and chases the baby down hill but because there were so many rocks the Saurosuchus trips and tumbles down the hill while the dinosaur runs for its life. On the ground the baby gets up while at the top of the hill the parents call for the baby only to wake up the Saurosuchus, which is ready to kill the baby. Suddenly, a herd of Ischigualastia all work together and kill the Saurosuchus (getting their revenge after what the Saurosuchus did to their family member). One of the Protomammals survive the battle, but the other two dies along with the Saurosuchus. The parents come down to see if their baby is still alive, and find it safe under the Saurosuchus's neck flab. The family walks off into the sunset like in a Disney movie.

The episode cuts to Mongolia 70 million years ago. A male Gigantoraptor is on a mission to get a mate. His call attracts a female Gigantoraptor. The male starts dancing but the female is not interested. It starts jumping which underground is disturbing a family of mouse-like Zalambdalestes. As the male keeps dancing the female gets interested but the mammals are still running for their lives underground. The male jumps so hard that his foot gets stuck in the hole and the female walks away as the Zalambdalestes climb on the males foot to get out of the hole. Eventually, the male is able to get out of the hole. The mother Zalambdalestes realizes that one of her babies is missing so she goes underground to get the baby back, which she does successfully. The female Gigantoraptor watches the family walk away. The Gigantoraptor male, however, will have to keep on dancing if he is to get a family.

The episode cuts to Antarctica where a female Cryolophosaurus is guarding her nest. A male arrives on scene and puts ferns on the eggs to keep warm.Suddenly another male arrives on scene, and he is much larger and has a bigger crest. The newcomer flushes red in its head to make himself look more terrifying. The males then fight each other, and the new male knocks the other male to the ground. The old male gets back up and knocks the new male in the head, but the new male bites him in the neck and pushes him to the ground before pouncing on him and biting off the old males crest, finishing the fight. The old male lies on the floor unconscious. Now that the old male is defeated the new male has the right to mate with the female but first destroys the old male's eggs ( like how after a modern male lion takes over a pride it immediately kills the cubs). Even though the old male is still alive the female now decides to mate with the new male.

The episode cuts to 75 million years ago, the late cretaceous period in the ocean. Quetzalcoatlus fly through the air, and below is a vast inland sea that covers what is now the great plains of western North America. Underwater a female Mosasaurus is giving birth. The narrator explained that while dinosaurs ruled the land, some other reptiles returned to the sea like the Mosasaurs. Unlike other reptiles, the Mosasaur gives birth to live young. This means the young will be safe from land predators. Two young are born, and they first swim up to shore and take a breath before exploring its reef world. Suddenly, a pack of Cretoxyrhina sharks start killing the babies. The mother is swimming through a school of Ammonites and she does not notice the sharks killing her young. One baby calls for its mother and luckily the mother hears the calls and starts coming. Finally the mother spots the sharks and strikes, killing one of the sharks in the attack. The mother quickly kills another shark and hears her last baby calling, she swims to her baby and greets it. She spots the last shark and quickly kills it. The baby gets a free meal and the mother jumps for victory, and the two swim off while the mother still produces young.

The episode goes back to Antarctica where a swarm of mosquitoes is on the attack. The insects kill an antarctic lizard and suck its blood. Not very far away is a herd of 'Glacialisaurus', an ancestor of the sauropods. "A male attempts to attract one of the herds females, but the master of the harem drives him off." Without a herd the male is an easy target for predators. The 'Cryolophosaurus' (from an earlier segment) is back and he is looking for dinner, and it gets even worse for the single Glacialisaurus when a swarm of mosquitoes takes flight. The insects start to bite him so he runs away from them but the Cryolophosaurus follows him. He stops to rub of the mosquitoes, but is then face-to-face with the Cryolophosaurus! The two fight each other and the male Glacialisaurus falls into the mud, leaving the mosquitoes to target the Cryolophosaurus instead. The theropod runs away right into the harem of Glacialisaurus, and the dinosaur stops running away from the insects to chase the old male out of the harem. Out of nowhere comes the outsider, covered in mud. It doesn't look attractive but it serves as an "organic bug repellent." Now he is the new master of the harem, and he coughs up a mosquito. The old male is still running from the Cryolophosaurus at sunset (during the credits).


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