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Glacialisaurus is a genus of massospondylid dinosaur that lived in what is now Antarctica during the Early Jurassic period.

Physical Characteristics[]


In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Evolution's Winners[]

A lone male Glacialisaurus meets a group of his species and tries to join them, but the alpha male of the group scares him off. After we met a Cryolophosaurus a few scenes back, the Cryolophosaurus chased and attacked the male, and fell off a log and broke his leg because of a swarm of mosquitos that were chasing him. The mosquitos attack the Cryolophosaurus instead, and in his struggle to flee, he scares off the alpha male Glacialisaurus from before, allowing the broken-legged male to become the new leader. In the end, the former alpha male Glacialisaurus is seen still being chased by the Cryolophosaurus and the swarm of mosquitos but there is no proof if they survive.