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Inostrancevia (named in honor of geologist Aleksandr Inostrantsev) is a genus of large gorgonopsid therapsid that lived during the late Permian period in what is now Siberia, Russia. It was one of the last top predators of the Permian period before the devastating Permian-Triassic mass extinction decimated ninety percent of life on Earth.

Physical Characteristics[]

Inostrancevia was a member of the gorgonopsid family, a group of saber-toothed therapsids that were distantly related to mammals. Like mammals, Inostrancevia was likely warm-blooded and covered in fur, with limbs that were in an almost fully erect posture and heterodont dentition. However, Inostrancevia differed from modern mammals, as it still had very primitive jawbones, laid eggs, and couldn't lactate.  

Inostrancevia was an apex predator, hunting large animals and bringing them down using their large saber-like teeth. These teeth are remarkably similar to those possessed by saber-toothed cats, such as Smilodon and Xenosmilus, and were most likely used to puncture its prey's trachea. Unlike modern carnivorous mammals, Inostrancevia lacked molars and carnassials, so had to swallow bits of meat whole.


Inostrancevia roaring to defend its meal.

Inostrancevia can measure anywhere from 3 to 3.5 meters (9.8 to 11.5 feet) in length and stand roughly 1 to 1.1 meters (3.3 to 3.6 feet) tall. This easily makes it the largest member of the gorgonopsid family, as well as the heaviest, with some individuals having been estimated to weigh up to 300 kilogram (661.3 pounds).

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

DR1x1 Inostrancevia 44

An Inostrancevia being incinerated by a lava flow. (Evolution's Winners)

Evolution's Winners[]

An Inostrancevia is seen walking through the barren Permian landscape in search of food. As giant lava bombs are being thrown through the air, the Inostrancevia stumbles upon another Inostrancevia cannibalizing on the body of a larger Inostrancevia.

DR Inostrancevia

Inostrancevia roaring.

They both roared at each other, ready to fight over the carcass before a lava bomb crashes into the carcass, sending dust into the air and causing the two Inostrancevia to flee. As they run, the cannibal Inostrancevia is struck and killed by another lava bomb while the scavenging Inostrancevia survives and leaps onto a hill before the ground breaks apart and lava begins to spew from the fracture. Once it makes it to the top of the hill, the Inostrancevia stares out into the distance as lava covers the entire landscape and sits down, roaring one last time before it is incinerated by spewing lava.