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Ischigualastia (name after the Ischigualasto Formation) is a genus of dicynodont reptile that lived during the Late Triassic period in what is now South America.

Physical Description[]

Ischigualastia was a dicynodont (a group of mammal-like reptiles). This animal was closely related to the better known Placerias. However, unlike Placerias, Ischigualastia lacked any tusks on its face, unlike what is shown in the series. Also, it was heavier than Placerias, weighing one to two tonnes and measuring 3.5 metres in length. Despite this animal's fierce appearance, Ischigualastia was actually a gentle herbivore. Ischigualastia's name is derived from where it was discovered - the Ischigualasto Formation.

It was a large quadrupedal herbivore, most common at the base of the Ischigualasto Formation. It was a common member of the local fauna, although not as abundant as the medium-sized herbivores Scaphonyx and Exaeretodon. The only danger to such a huge animal was the almost equally large carnivorous pseudosuchian Saurosuchus. It is likely that pressure from this predator pushed Ischigualastia into extinction, for it becomes less common and finally disappears in the higher levels of the Ischigualasto Formation. A somewhat smaller relative or descendant, Placerias, survived in Laurasia.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Evolution's Winners[]


A dead Ischigualastia.

A herd of Ischigualastia was seen travelling through the Triassic landscape. One individual was seen resting. A male Eoraptor approached the herbivore and started feeding on the insects living on its body. The Ischigualastia was submissive. Then, when a Saurosuchus approached the pair, the Ischigualastia got to its feet and attempted to ward off the carnivore. However, its attempts were futile as the Saurosuchus wounded the Ischigualastia and waited for it to die.

An inquisitive young Eoraptor was seen investigating a decomposing Ischigualastia carcass but to its surprise the Saurosuchus which killed the Ischigualastia emerged from behind the corpse. Moments later, after the Saurosuchus fell down a rocky cliff whilst chasing the baby Eoraptor, a trio of Ischigualastia intervened and attacked the Saurosuchus. They managed to kill the Saurosuchus but two out of three of them were killed and the last remaining Ischigualastia limped away with a severe injury and died from its wounds.



  • Ischigualastia is the only herbivorous Triassic animal to appear in Dinosaur Revolution.


  • It uses the model of a similar dicynodont called Placerias. Placerias was meant to appear in an episode centered around the paleofauna of Ghost Ranch, but was ultimately cut from the series. The model was then reused for Ischigualiastia in Evolution's Winners.