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Species : Tyrannosaurus rex
Time period : Late Cretaceous, 65 million years ago
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Appearances : End Game

Jack Palance (or simply Jack) was an aggressive male T. rex who served as the main antagonist in the fourth episode of Dinosaur Revolution, End Game.

Physical characteristics[]

Jack is greyish-brown with white pits and divots on his skull and had red eyes. He also appears to be a bit more muscular than his rival, Stumpy.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

End Game[]

Jack was first seen fighting and defeating Stumpy in a territorial battle. He later attacked and cannibalistically killed his rival's young after they strayed too far from their parents. He also tried to take a Triceratops carcass from his rival, but after a fight, Stumpy and his mate, Tinkerbelle, defeated him by pushing him onto the Triceratops carcass, causing him to impale himself on one of its brow horns.


  • Jack is noticeably more aggressive than his "heroic" counterpart, Stumpy, seemingly intentionally antagonizing him and Tinkerbelle throughout the episode.
  • Jack has a small defect in his neck vertebrae, so he often cracks the bones in his neck.