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Dinosaur Revolution began production in the spring of 2009, and over its three-year production period, many stories and ideas were drafted. However, only a handful of them ever made it to final production. This is a list of all known stories and segments that were planned for Dinosaur Revolution but were ultimately scrapped, sidelined, or unused.

Agilisaurus's Original Story[]

According to series director David Krentz, Agilisaurus was going to appear in another story in addition to its appearance in the Darwinopterus sequence. However, the story was cut from the final production due to timing issues. Besides this fact, not much else is known about this story.

Albertosaurus Segment[]

Originally, a story about a baby Albertosaurus was planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. Not much else is known about this segment.

The Albino Dino[]

A sequence inspired by "The Ugly Duckling" was originally planned for the show, as was revealed by Pete Von Sholly on his Blogspot, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. The sequence follows the life of an albino Triceratops, who is abandoned by its mother shortly after hatching and is raised afterward by a mother Pachycephalosaurus alongside her chicks.


The sequence opens with a mother Triceratops standing over her nest as one of her eggs hatch. However, when her offspring finally hatches, it is revealed that the chick is albino, and the mother abandons it once it is old enough to walk. The Albino Trike tries to catch up with its mother and the rest of its herd, but due to its size, it is unable to catch up. Lost and abandoned, it wanders around before stumbling across a mother Pachycephalosaurus and her chicks. It calls out to them and two storyboard panels later, it's revealed that the mother Pachycephalosaurus has adopted the Albino Trike as one of her own. Sometime later, a now older and larger Albino Trike watches its adopted siblings play and tries to join them, but the aftermath of its attempt is, unfortunately, never revealed.

Anhanguera Segment Extended Scene[]

Originally, as revealed by Pete Von Sholly on his Blogspot, the Anhanguera segment in Survival Tactics was going to be longer. Beaky was originally going to soar over the sea after taking flight and see a pod of plesiosaurs and a pliosaur swimming about before returning to its nest. Unfortunately, this scene was scrapped, most likely due to pacing/timing issues.

Chinle Formation segment[]

Originally, the Ischigualasto segment featured in Evolution's Winners was meant to take place in the much later Chinle Formation of southwestern United States. However, during production, the segment's setting was changed to its current location for unknown reasons. Had the segment kept its original setting, it would have featured Coelophysis, Placerias, and Postosuchus.

Darwinopterus Segment[]

A sequence inspired by the hunting habits of mountain-dwelling eagles on goats was originally planned for the show but was cut from the final production for unknown reasons. It would have featured a Monolophosaurus struggling to find food along a canyon stream while up above in the cliffs, a flock of Darwinopterus would be hunting a small herd of Agilisaurus.


The segment opens with a herd of Agilisaurus foraging along the cliff face of a canyon. Tens of meters below them, a starving and malnourished Monolophosaurus is scavenging along the canyon's drying river for sustenance. Unfortunately, all it finds are the bones of unlucky Agilisaurus, who have all plummeted to their deaths, before it hears splashing from the river. Curious, it investigates the noise and finds the river full of fish. Desparate for food, the Monolophosaurus tries to catch some fish but fails despite its best efforts. Frustrated, yet undeterred, the Monolophosaurus continues to try and catch fish while up above it, at the top of the canyon cliff, an alpha Darwinopterus scouts the cliff face for any prey. The pterosaur notices the Agilisaurus herd after hearing them moving about below it. Seizing an opportunity when one of the Agilisaurus is left behind by the others as it forages, the Darwinopterus swoops down on the unsuspecting ornithischian and grabs it by the tail before dragging it off the cliff. It then bashes the Agilisaurus against a rock pillar before letting go of its tail and letting the ornithischian plummet to its death. The Agilisaur carcass then lands not far from the Monolophosaurus, who decides to investigate the commotion after it accidentally released the fish it caught a moment prior.

Upon arriving at the carcass, the Monolophosaurus finds it surrounded by the alpha Darwinopterus and its flock. It gets excited at the prospect of feasting on fresh meat and attempts to steal the carcass away from the pterosaurs. Unfortunately, it had underestimated the pterosaurs, and as it was about to take a bite out of the Agilisaurus carcass, the alpha Darwinopterus attacks the Monolophosaurus, scratching it and almost pecking out its right eye, and forces it to retreat. To add further insult to injury, the Darwinopterus poops on the Monolophosaurus, causing it to retaliate. The Monolophosaurus manages to shred a small part of the Darwinopterus's wing, causing the pterosaur to retreat to the safety of its flock. Outmatched and outnumbered, the Monolophosaurus can only wait for its turn as the Darwinopterus flock feast on their kill. Hours later, once they had their fill, the Darwinopterus flock leaves, leaving nothing but bones and scraps behind. However, the alpha Darwinopterus is unable to gain altitude due to its earlier wing injury, and the Monolophosaurus seizes the moment to attack it.

However, not ready to give up, the alpha Darwinopterus resorts to climbing up the cliff face to escape the hungry theropod before dropping down on it to attack it. Despite this, the Monolophosaurus is undeterred, and continues chasing it up the cliff face before it finally catches up to the injured pterosaur. It a final moment of defiance, the pterosaur screeches at the theropod, splattering blood and gore over the Monolophosaurus's face before the theropod grabs it and thrashes it to death. Having finally caught a meal, the Monolophosaurus is about to enjoy its kill when suddenly, the rest of the flock, enraged by their alpha's death, descends on the theropod with a vengeance. This causes the Monolophosaurus to fall and plummet toward the river while its kill lands on one of the rock ledges. Luckily for the Monolophosaurus, it lands in the deepest parts of the river and the vengeful pterosaurs give up their pursuit. The segment then ends with the unharmed Monolophosaurus exiting the river with a fish it had caught when it splashed into the river earlier, and roaring victoriously as the two remaining Agilisaurus scamper away.

Dimorphodon vs Dorygnathus Segment[]

Dimorphodon and Dorygnathus were originally set to appear in a gang war-inspired segment, where a flock of each pterosaur species would have duked it out against each other, but the segment was ultimately scrapped from the final production. In addition to the two featured pterosaur taxa, Plesiosaurus (or a related taxon or a long-necked pliosaur, such as Attenborosaurus) was also planned to appear in this segment, too.

Djadochta Formation Segment[]

Originally, the Wulansuhai segment featured in Survival Tactics was going to be set in the contemporaneous Djadochta Formation of southern Mongolia. However, during production, the setting was changed to its current location for unknown reasons.

Drunk Dinos[]

Revealed by Pete Von Sholly through his Blogspot, this sequence follows a herd of ornithopod dinosaurs that becomes drunk after ingesting some fermented fruits and, through their drunken antics, attracts the attention of a nearby theropod. Two versions of this sequence were proposed, neither of which made it past the cutting room floor. One version of this sequence would have been set in Europe, featuring Iguanodon and an undetermined theropod (likely Concavenator) as the main stars, while the second version would have been set in North America, featuring Acrocanthosaurus and an undetermined iguanodont as the main stars, instead.


The segments opens with some overripe fruit falling from a tree. The falling fruit catches the attention of a passing iguanodontian dinosaur (either Iguanodon or a North American taxon, depending on the version), who proceeds to eat one of the fermented fruits. Finding it tasty, the iguanodont begins gorging on the fruit, which soon attracts the attention of its fellow herd mates. As the fruits dwindle, conflict breaks out between two of the iguanodonts when they try to eat the same fruit. They honk at each other before trying to fight, but having been eating nothing but fermented fruits, they, as well as the rest of the herd, have become drunk and are unable to fight properly. In their drunken stupor, the iguanodont herd honk loudly for all to hear, which is bound to attract some unwanted attention. Unfortunately, a nearby theropod dinosaur (either Acrocanthosaurus or a European taxon, depending on the version), who was scavenging on the carcass, hears the commotion and gets up to investigate. The final panel, which is censored for unknown reasons, would have likely showed the theropod stumbling upon the drunk herd of iguanodonts.

Elliot Formation Segment[]

A segment taking place in the Elliot Formation was originally planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. Not much is known about this story, besides the fact that it would have featured Megapnosaurus.

Elm Street-inspired Segment[]

A segment inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street was originally planned for the show, but it was shelved due to time constraints. It would have taken place in Late Cretaceous Mongolia and followed the misadventures of a pair of Prenocephale as they try to navigate through, and survive, a forest fire. Along the way, they would have encountered an Alioramus and a soon-to-be mother Therizinosaurus, who ends up getting burned by the forest fire. Based on the storyboards drafted by Pete Von Sholly, the Therizinosaurus would have either killed or critically injured the Alioramus with its claws before scaring away the Prenacephale pair.

Hadrosaur-centric stories[]

Originally, stories focused on hadrosaurs were originally planned for the show. They were intended to deconstruct the all-too prevalent, and highly flawed, cliché that their sole purpose in life was to be weak and helpless prey items for theropod dinosaurs. However, most of them were ultimately cut from the final production for unknown reasons. It is unknown which species of hadrosaurs would have been featured in this segment, but Edmontosaurus and Lambeosaurus would have been likely contenders.

Henodus Segment[]

Originally, the Late Triassic placodont, Henodus, was supposed to appear in its own segment, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. Not much is known about the story, but it can be theorized that the segment would have explored its strange anatomy and ecology. It is noteworthy to mention that had the segment been produced, it would have erroneously depicted Henodus as a mulloscivore rather than a herbivore, as several studies have concluded.

La Amarga Segment[]

A segment about the La Amarga Formation was planned for the show but was ultimately cut from the final production. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that it would have most likely featured Amargasaurus and, possibly, Ligabueino.

Middle Jurassic Ocean Segment[]

A segment focusing on life in the Middle Jurassic oceans was planned for the series, as revealed in a Dinosaur Mailing List thread by series director David Krentz, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. Krentz wanted to avoid the Liopleurodon-Ophthalmosaurus fauna featured in the 1999 documentary Walking with Dinosaurs and was looking for interesting fauna from around this time period. It's also possible that the segment was later reworked into the Triassic Oceans segment, as Krentz had also asked for information about (nonexistent) possible Jurassic placodonts.

Monolophosaurus Stand-Alone Segment[]

In addition to appearing in the Darwinopterus segment, Monolophosaurus was also set to appear in a story about camouflage, as was revealed by series director David Krentz on his Facebook page. Besides this bit of information, not much is known about the plot.

Sinraptor's Original Story[]

In addition to its appearance in the Shunosaurus segment, Sinraptor was also going to be featured in another story, but the story itself was eventually shelved sometime after its inclusion in the Shunosaurus segment. Not much else is known about this story.

Spinophorosaurus Segment[]

The Shunosaurus segment featured in Survival Tactics was originally written for Spinophorosaurus. Unfortunately, modeling a contemporaneous predator would have incurred additional costs, so the original setting of the segment was scrapped. Fortunately, the Sinraptor model had been completed around this time, so the Spinophorosaurus model was reused for Shunosaurus and the segment was reworked into its current form.

Spinosaur-centric Segments[]

Several segments focusing on spinosaurs were initially planned for the show but was ultimately cut from the final production. They would have likely focused on their strange anatomy and ecology, as well their interactions with the other dinosaurs and animals that it shared its environment with. Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Irritator, and Suchomimus would have likely been featured in these segments, though this has yet to be confirmed. Mirischia would have most likely also appeared in this segment, too, during the possible Irritator segment since it is also found in the Romualdo Formation, though this, too, has yet to be confirmed.

Styracosaurus Segment[]

A segment featuring a herd of Styracosaurus was initially planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from the final production for unknown reasons.


The segment opens with a shot over a forest. As pterosaurs fly overhead, a herd of Styracosaurus, led by the Old Bull, is making their way through the forest. They then stop as they find themselves standing over a cliff, and as the Old Bull tries to find another, and safer, route through the forest, a young male Styracosaurus with a curved horn notices a female Styracosaurus to his left and takes immediate interest in her. After approaching the Female, the Young Buck shows her his frill and gives her a courtship display. The Female is receptive of his display and takes an interest in him, too, but their moment is interrupted by the Old Buck, who proceeds to put himself between the two and flash the Female with a courtship display of his own. Unfortunately, the Female takes no interest in his display and walks away. Frustrated, the Old Bull bellows before walking away, leaving the Young Buck alone in his thoughts as he watches the Female walk away. However, his attention is brought elsewhere when he hears the roar of a nearby waterfall, which the Old Bull also hears. Bellowing loudly, he orders the herd to follow him and leads them to a flooded river.

Upon arriving, the herd is left with two options; cross to the other side of the river by swimming, or by traversing over the waterfall. The Old Bull takes the former option and immediately jumps into the river. However, the rest of the herd is hesitant to follow him due to debris and opts to take a rest by the river. Frustrated by this insolence, the Old Bull's rage begins to grow, which is only exasperated when he sees the Female accept the Young Buck's courtship display. Enraged, the Old Bull charges at the Young Buck and knocks him away before challenging him to a fight. The Young Buck is left with no other option but to fight when the Old Buck charges at him and pushes him back. The Young Buck does his best to stand his ground, despite the size difference, but he is knocked down after evading one of the Old Bull's attacks. However, he gets back up and takes on the Old Bull as the latter charges at him again, and this time, the Young Buck manages to defeat him thanks to his crooked horn. After the Old Bull concedes, the Young Buck is crowned as the alpha male of the herd and leads the herd safely across the river, by traveling over the waterfall, with the Female by his side while the Old Bull takes his place at the very back of the herd.

Tiourarén Formation Segment[]

A segment taking place in the Tiourarén Formation was originally planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from then final production. It would have featured Jobaria and Afrovenator. There were also plans for a a pterosaur to appear in the segment, but a lack of pterosaur remains found at the site likely contributed to this idea being scrapped.

Triassic Ocean Segment[]

Revealed by Pete Von Sholly via his Blogspot, a segment focusing on the Triassic oceans was originally planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from the final production. It would have featured Mixosaurus, Placodus and Nothosaurus. According to the storyboard Von Sholly shared, the Mixosaurus would have attacked a Placodus.

Unknown Coelurosaur Segment[]

A segment featuring an unknown coelurosaur was originally planned for the show but was ultimately cut from the final production. Not much is known about it, or what the identity of the coelurosaur is, other than the fact that the unidentified coelurosaur would end up on an island and encounter the flightless pterosaurs and predatory sphenodonts that call the island home.

Unknown Late Cretaceous North America Segment[]

Revealed by Pete Von Sholly via his Blgospot, this segment, set to take place in Late Cretaceous North America, was initially planned for the show but was ultimately scrapped from the final production. Not much is known about it, other than the fact that it would have featured Styracosaurus, Stegoceras, and Daspletosaurus. Based on the storyboard shared by Von Sholly, a herd of Stegoceras would rush in and attack a Daspletosaurus after it had attacked a member of the herd. As the tyrannosaur tried to defend itself from the attacking pachycephalosaurs, a Styracosaurus would suddenly appear and join the fray.

Unknown Pterosaur Segment[]

A segment featuring an unknown pterosaur was planned for the show but was ultimately cut. Not much is known about the segment or what the identity of the pterosaur is, but according to the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Associate Professor of Biology Michael Habib from Chatham University was involved in the production of this segment as a consultant.

The Watering Hole's Original Setting[]

The Watering Hole was originally going to be set in the Morrison Formation of western North America. However, upon the suggestion of the show's paleontological consultant, Thomas Holtz, the setting was changed to the contemporaneous Lourinhã Formation of Portugal.

Yixian Segment[]

A segment taking place in the Yixian Formation was originally planned for the show, but it was ultimately cut from the final production for unknown reasons. It would have featured the misadventures of a Raptorex searching for food while having to watch out an overly-aggressive Repenomamus. The segment would have also featured Psittacosaurus, Bolong, a Chinese coelurosaur, and a deceased Chinese sauropod.


The segment opens with a Raptorex exiting the brush and onto the shores of a watering hole with quills covering its face. It scratches them off before looking back into the jungle, where a trio of Psittacosaurus glares at it before scurrying away. Suddenly, it hears a weird barking sound before a small coelurosaur (identified as a dinobird) run past it with a Repenomamus chasing after it. As the mammal chases the coelurosaur, a nearby crocodylimorph hisses at it, causing the Repenomamus to chase it instead. However, the crocodylimorph escapes by getting into the water, which prompts the Repenomamus to turn its aggression onto a herd of nearby Bolong (identified as an iguanodont) and cause a stampede. Once the entire watering hole had been vacated, the Repenomamus returns to its burrow. The Raptorex, having just failed its hunt earlier, decides the mammal would make a good meal and attempts to get it out. However, the Repenomamus quickly comes out and chases away the small tyrannosaur before returning to its burrow, but the Raptorex tries its luck again, only to be met with the same results.

The Repenomamus then chases the Raptorex through the jungle before the latter loses it by running into the foliage lining the main game trail and hiding in it. The Repenomamus continues running in a straight line before realizing it had lost the Raptorex. Not only that, but it had also ran straight into the middle of a Psittacosaurus den. Turning its aggression onto the small ceratopsians, the Repenomamus runs straight into the clearing, prompting the Psittacosaurus herd to scatter. Unfortunately, a baby is too slow to escape and is promptly mauled to death by the Repenomamus. Meanwhile, the Raptorex watches the confrontation unfold from the safety of the undergrowth before it notices several baby Psittacosaurus running in its direction. Spotting an opportunity, it chases after then and cuts off their escape route before killing all of them for a quick snack. It then cuts back to the Repenomamus, who is busy devouring its kill before it notices the adult Psittacosaurus closing in on it from all sides with their quilled tails pointed at it. Trapped, the Repenomamus ends up getting covered in quills and flees. However, it soon encounters the Raptorex, who was just about to chow down on its meal, and chases it away from its kills before eating one of the deceased baby Psittacosaurs. However, upon noticing the Raptorex hanging around, the Repenomamus barks at the tyrannosaur before chasing it again.

Sometime later, the Repenomamus chases the Raptorex all the way to a misty ravine. However, it suddenly stops and gives up on its chase before running away, thus allowing the tyrannosaur to catch a break. The Raptorex then notices the bodies of several Chinese coelurosaurs strewn about the ravine and decides to feast on them. However, upon taking a bite out of the closest carcass, it notes the bad taste and spits it out. It then heads deeper into the mist, hoping that the other carcasses taste better, and as it sniffs one of the dinobird carcasses, a breeze blows through the ravine. Suddenly, the Raptorex catches a whiff of something, and as the wind blows away the mist, it reveals that the scent was that of a decaying sauropod carcass. Excited, the Raptorex runs up to the carcass and tries to take a bite out of it. Unfortunately, its teeth aren't sharp enough to tear through the sauropod's tough hide, but fortunately for the Raptorex, the carcass had been previously scavenged by scavengers, so it runs up the sauropod's hind leg and over to the damaged area before gorging on the carcass.

However, as it feasts on the carcass, an earth tremor shakes the ground, causing the Raptorex to pause momentarily before it resumes its feast. Unbeknownst to the small tyrannosaur, the earth tremor was actually volcanic activity from the nearby volcano, and it had released a bit of volcanic gas into the air. As the deadly gas is blown into the ravine, the Raptorex begins to feel disoriented before its survival instincts kick in. It scampers up the sauropod's neck, barfing out its meal its nausea worsens and another earth tremor releases more gas. However, just as it was about to make it to the top of the ravine, the Repenomamus jumps out from behind the sauropod's head and lunges for the Raptorex's neck. The Raptorex pushes the homicidal mammal off of it before it finds itself in a precarious situation. With more deadly gas heading its way and the Repenomamus pushing it back into the deadly mist, things seem grim for the Raptorex... until the Repenomamus slips on the Raptorex's vomit and falls into the ravine, landing at the base of the sauropod's neck. With its path now cleared, the Raptorex quickly climbs up the sauropod's neck before making it to the top of the ravine. Barely making it in the nick of time, the Raptorex takes a deep breath of fresh air before glancing down into the ravine, where the Repenomamus had landed. It takes one last look at the doomed mammal before scurrying away. The segment ends with the Repenomamus struggling to breathe before it suffocates to death and is ultimately turned into a fossil millions of years later.


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