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The scene of Lourinhã, Portugal appens in the second episode (The Watering Hole) with the Allosaurus as the main character.

Lourinhã Formation

The Lourinhã Formation in Portugal.


It is first shown a family of Allosaurus sleeping at night in Lourinha, Portugal (150 M.y). However they are awaken by a Ornitholestes (or it could be even a young Lourinhanosaurus). The Allosaurus mother got up and decapitated the Ornitholestes. Later, in the morning, it is seen the mother with the dead coelurosaur and one of it's young (called Broken Jaw) playing with a skull. However, the skull bounced and stopped in a Dinheirosaurus foot, and Broken Jaw followed is toy. However Broken Jaw was interessed in playing with the sauropod but the angry herbivore attacks with it's whiped like tail and broke it´s jaw. When the mother approaches she abandons Broken Jaw, after seeing it badly wounded.


The herd of Dinheirosaurus.

Then Broken Jaw grown up and have become an adult even with the badly wounded jaw. It is often seen a Rhamphorhynchus eating rests of meat on Broken Jaw's teeth. The Allosaurus then decided to hunt a young Dinheirosaurus but an adult (the same that has broken it's jaw) defended the young and threats with it´s big tail. But Broken Jaw bites the Dinheirosaurus tail and rips it apart.

Is many times seen a Ornitholestes hunting a Rhamphorhynchus but all the attempts to kill the pterosaur are failled.

However a Torvosaurus appears close to the Allosaurus territory and kills a baby Miragaia. One day, when Broken Jaw come back to it's post after a drink in the watering hole, he sees the Torvosaurus sitting at side of Broken Jaw´s tree. The Torvosaurus that is a larger carnivore attacks the Allosaurus but he is distracted by the Ornitholestes and the Rhamphorhynchus chase and Broken Jaw retires.

Torvosaurus was now the new king of the watering hole, but when he decides to hunt a young Dinheirosaurus it is surrounded by the adult and a group of Miragaias. But the carnivore escapes and takes down the young sauropod, but Broken Jaw comes and bites the Torvosaurus neck. But the adult Dinheirosaurus appears stands in two legs and then falls on the Torvosaurus and kills him.

Dinosaur Revolution vs Good Neighbor 1

A Dinheirosaurus protecting his baby from a Torvosaurus.

In the end, on the dry season a herd of brachiosaurs called Lusotitans drink all that remained in the watering hole. Then the Lusotitans leave and migrate to find more food and water, along with Dinheirosaurus, Ornitholestes, Rhamphorhynchus, Miragaia and Draconyx. Just Broken Jaw remains in the same spot.