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Mammal is a kind of warm-blooded animal. It is distinguished by the capability of producing milk, at least in females, and by having fur in some time of their life. However they can reach 36 meters in lenght on it's maximum and 2,9 cm in lenght on it's miminum, in modern days, in the Mesozoic Era, mammals could reach from 10 cm long to 1 meter long.

Even being small and never being a dominant animal, until the Cenozoic Era, they evolved many characteristics that allowed them to evolve during the Mesozoic Era. They already reached the ecological niche of flying lemurs, otters, tree shrews, badgers and squirrels during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Period.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

In Dinosaur Revolution, they appear on every episodes, except the second one.

Evolution's Winners[]

The only extinct mammal genus appearing in the episode is Zalambdalestes. There is a entire family of them, which are forced to leave their burrow, because of a trampling Gigantoraptor.


Survival Tactics[]

The only extinct mammal genus appearing in the episode is Volaticotherium. A contemporanean appears in the episode, which is Castorocauda, but this was not a mammal, but another type of synapsid, or mammal-like reptile.

The gliding mammal catches insects on the night sky, but it is followed by two Guanlongs. As one of the dinosaurs opens it's mouth, the mammal lands on it's head instead. All of this confusion made noise enough for a Mamenchisaurus rise. Curiously, the scene of the Guanlongs and the Volaticotherium was appening on the Mamenchisaurus back and, when the sauropod rises, the mammal takes flight and escapes.

End Game[]

There is just one known extinct mammal on the episode, in which it is unidentified. The small mammals appear, by the first time, in a T-rex nest, in which they come out in numbers, with almost all the eggs eaten.

The surviving egg of the same nest hatched and grown to a teenager. That teenager was hiding in a cave, and that allowed to survive the asteroid apocalypse. When he gets out of the cave he sees his dead parents, but he quickly forgets that, and is distracted by another small unidentified mammal. Unfortunetly, the T-rex slipped and falled into a cliff and died, when chasing the mammal.