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Miragaia (after the Portuguese parish and geological unit of the same name) is a genus of stegosaur that live during the Late Jurassic period in what is now Europe.

Physical Characteristics[]

Miragaia was a mid-sized stegosaur, estimated to have measured 18 to 20 feet in length.

The describers established six distinguishing traits. At their very midline, the praemaxillae meet in a small sharp point, set within a larger notch in the snout tip as a whole. The front lower side edge of the praemaxilla protrudes below. At least seventeen cervical vertebraeare present. The neural spines of the middle cervical vertebrae have a notch at their lower front edge immediately above it a process directed to the front. The vertebrae of the middle neck, rear neck and front back possess neural spines that have a transversely expanded upper end. On the neck two rows of triangular bony plates are present that have a lightly convex outer side and a notch at the upper front edge creating a hook.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

The Watering Hole[]

In the episode The Watering Hole three were shown dead or dying, with one being killed by a Torvosaurus and later a baby Miragaia was eaten by the megalosaur. When the Torvosaurus engaged the Dinheirosaurus, a group of the stegosaur attacked the same Torvosaurus when it almost stepped on one of the babies. At the end of the episode, the Miragaia leave with the herds of sauropods and co. to look for food and water, as well as a new safe haven for their offspring.