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Mongolia is a country in Asia, it has borders with China and Russia.


Mongolia when Gigantoraptor ruled


Cretaceous period[]

During the late Cretaceous period, Mongolia was quite similar to what it is like today. The Gobi Desert was still a hot desert, with seasonal temperatures differing from warm summers to bitter winters. There was also large patches of greenery in some areas.

Mongolia was abundant with a diverse selection of prehistoric life. Many types of dinosaurs thrived there as well as different species of mammals. One of the most common dinosaurs were the ornitischian Protoceratops. These animals were hunted by the toddler-sized Velociraptor. In other areas, the large avian-like Gigantoraptor was one of the largest predators in its ecossystem.


The Gigantoraptor.


The Climate of Mongolia was hot and mostly dry, but cold in some areas.


  • Gigantoraptor 
  • Zalambdalestes 
  • Protoceratops 
  • Velociraptor 
  • Azhdarchid 

Ideas of Location[]

Flaming Cliffs

Barun Goyot Formation

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Evolution's Winners[]

The Gigantoraptor and Zalambdalestes segment took place in Mongolia during the late Cretaceous period.

Survival Tactics[]

The Protoceratops segment took place in Mongolia (more specifically in the Gobi Desert), also during the late Cretaceous period.


The Protoceratops.