Creature information
Scientific name : Probelesodon lewisi
Time period : Middle and Late Triassic period
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Fatalities caused : (some Eoraptor eggs)
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Probelesodon were small synapsids that lived in Argentina and Brazil, along with Eoraptor, Ischigualastia and Saurosuchus their nemesis's.

A male Eoraptor kicked a Probelesodon into the jaws of Saurosuchus.

It is seen later when several of them go to an Eoraptor nest, and eat most of the eggs, but the female Eoraptor appears and nearly kills three of them as they run away from her. When an Eoraptor baby goes out into the open, an unidentified gliding reptile catches his eye, but he falls down and a Probelesodon approaches him, but the father Eoraptor grabs the cynodont, shakes it and throws him against a rock, killing him.


  • Probelesodon may have been an omnivore, as evidenced by its close relatives living in a same area of that time.


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