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Saurosuchus is a genus of rauisuchian archosaur that lived during the Late Triassic period in what is now South America.

Physical Description[]

Saurosuchus was a very large predator. It was the largest land predator on Earth in the late Triassic period, except for perhaps the less well known Fasolasuchus. It measured 7 metres. This animal could hunt almost whatever it wanted. That included primitive dinosaurs like Eoraptor, synapsids like Ischigualastia and Probelesodon. Saurosuchus was the relative of the group of reptiles called crocodyliforms which contains the alligator and its close relatives.Saurosuchus was a powerful animal. It had a very strong neck and had a skull perfectly designed for killing. However what may have handicapped it was its limbs, which were incredibly small compared to the rest of its body and may have slowed Saurosuchus down. To add to that, Saurosuchus' sheer size may have also played a part in slowing down Saurosuchus.


The life-restoration of Saurosuchus.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Evolution's Winners[]

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Saurosuchus trying to catch the Eoraptors in the burrow.

A Saurosuchus was seen approaching a sleeping Ischigualastia and a feeding Eoraptor. The Ischigualastia got up and attempted to ward off the attacker but was instead wounded by the Saurosuchus. Later, the Saurosuchus was seen crashing an Eoraptor breeding season. It chased two Eoraptors down a Probelesodon burrow. The male Eoraptor threw the Probelesodon owning the burrow out of it and into the large mouth of the Saurosuchus. The Saurosuchus then left.

The Saurosuchus is seen feeding on the decomposing Ischigualastia carcass until it spots an inquisitive Eoraptor baby. It chased the youngster but it tripped whilst chasing the baby down a rocky cliff. The predator came crashing to the ground before getting up again. However, a trio of Ischigualastia appeared and attacked the Saurosuchus. During the fight the Saurosuchus was killed along with two of the three Ischigualastia and The remaining herbivore limped away.


  • Saurosuchus couldn't bounce like how it was depicted in the series.


  • Saurosuchus is the largest Triassic carnivore in the series.