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Creature information
Scientific name : Sinraptor dongi
Time period : Late Jurassic period
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Appearances : Survival Tactics

Sinraptor was a species in the Metriacanthosauridae family that lived in China. Sinraptors (probably really some other kind of early carnosaur like Gasosaurus) are featured in the third episode "Survival Tactics" where they had to fight a Shunosaurus named Shroomo (who had just eaten poisonous mushrooms) and the blue male fell with the sauropod, getting his skull crushed. The duller-colored female left before the sauropod woke up after being whacked in the face by the tail club.

Physical Characteristics[]

The Sinraptor were about over 2 meters tall (6 feet tall), 7.62 meters long (25 feet long), and weighs about around 907 kilograms (1 ton). In the show, the male Sinraptor is a blueish violet color while the female is a pale color with brown scales.


The holotype specimen of Sinraptor was uncovered from the Shishugou Formation during a joint Chinese/Canadian expedition to the northwestern Chinese desert in 1987, and described by Philip J. Currie and Xian Zhao in 1994. The two species of Sinraptor have been named. S. dongi and ?S. hepingensis (Gao, 1992 [originallyYangchuanosaurus]) described by Currie and Zhao in 1994. A second species, originally named Yangchuanosaurus hepingensis by Gao in 1992, may actually represent a second species of Sinraptor. Whether or not this is the case, Sinraptor and Yangchuanosaurus were close relatives, and are classified together in the family Sinraptoridae. The skeleton of Sinraptor hepingensis(formerly referred to Yangchuanosaurus ) is on display at the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Zigong , China.


Oddly when though that Sinraptor is shown with Shunosaurus, the species were never together. Shunosaurus lived in the Middle Jurassic period while Sinraptor lived in the Late Jurassic. Also the producers were originally going to use Monolophosaurus, which did live with Shunosaurus in reality.