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Creature information
Scientific name : Squalicorax bassani
Time period : 100- 82 mya ( late Cretaceous)
Primary diet : Carnivore
In the series
Fatalities caused : Many young tylosaurus
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Squalicorax Bassani was a mid-sized shark that lived about 100 to 82 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous period. It is nicknamed the Crow shark in reference to the fact that It was believed to have been a scavenger and due to its name. It had a common name of Crow shark Its genus name is squali- (for "shark") prefixed to Corax ("raven"), its original name. Although mainly a scavenger Squalicorax could hunt for young mosasaurs and small fish.

A picture depicting a swimming Squalicorax ( Evolution's winners).

Evolution's Winners

Three Squalicorax were first seen in evolution's winner's were they devoured several young Tylosaurus before getting massacred by their mother.


  • Squalicorax is now known to have been differently colored.
  • Squalicorax was not very large only growing to about 7-14 feet long.
  • Squalicorax was once known to have actively hunted drowning dinosaurs new studies show it couldn't take down prey that size.
  • Squalicorax was one of Tylosaurus's favorite prey.
  • Squalicorax was the 4th largest shark in the western interior seaway.
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