The Watering Hole (episode)

Episode: 2

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Dinosaurs Featured

Allosaurus, Dinheirosaurus, Torvosaurus, Ornitholestes, MIragaia, Lusotitan, Draconyx

Other prehistoric creatures


Time line

Late Jurassic

Main character


  • The Watering Hole (episode) is the second episode of Dinosaur Revolution. It tells the story of an Allosaurus during the Jurassic era 150 MYA along with neighboring species.


The story opens up at 3 A.M. 150 MYA during the late Jurassic in west Portugal. A mother Allosaurus and her four nestlings are sleeping, when an Ornitholestes begins to create loud calls. The mother Allosaurus tries to silence the carnivore with a roar, but the Ornitholestes makes loud calls again and the mother gets up and decapitates it, and as soon as she tries to head back to sleep, another Ornitholestes begins to make more calls.

The next morning, a herd of Dinheirosaurus stop to drink at a watering hole. During the same time, a six-month old young Allosaurus named Broken Jaw would rather play than to eat breakfast with his siblings (the dead Ornitholestes). As his mother feeds the other chicks, Broken Jaw throws the skull too far and makes it bounce. He follows it down a hill, until it hits the foot of a Dinheirosaurus. Broken Jaw approaches his toy and sees the Dinheirosaurus. A young female Dinheirosaurus, nicknamed Woodstock approaches him and unaware, Broken Jaw kept in the way of Woodstock. Woodstock then turned around, preparing to attack Broken Jaw with her tail, and as Broken Jaw jumped at Woodstock, she slapped him across the face with her whiplike tail, breaking his lower jaw and knockin out some of his teeth. Broken Jaw then fell to the ground and Woodstock left.

As Woodstock returns to her herd, Broken Jaw's mother discovers him, in pain and bleeding. She judges Broken Jaw's appearence, seeing no good purpose in raising an injured youngster, and abandons him, leaving him for dead. Despite Broken Jaw‘s repeated calls, she does not return. He then uses the tactic of ambushing to get some food.

Eleven years pass by, revealing that not only did Broken Jaw survive to become a young adult, but that his broken jaw actually fully healed. He has also managed to stay alive by living at the watering hole. A Rhamphorhynchus lands to pick the leftover bits of meat on his teeth. Soon later, the ground begins to shake, showing that the adult Woodstock has returned with her own herd (and a limping youngster). As she and her herd feasts, Broken Jaw targets her baby, which has a deformed front foot. However, Woodstock spots him, and jumps into action. She beings to whip her tail, but Broken Jaw comes prepared this time. He latches onto the whiplike tail, and tears it off, making it a little snack for him. However, as Woodstock tends to her severed tail and Broken Jaw begins to snack, distant roars can be heard in the distance, as Woodstock gets suspicious, and a bunch of Miragaia are found lying dead. Broken Jaw has no idea about who was responsible for the massacre.

Sometime later, Broken Jaw wakes up for his morning drink at the watering hole, with Woodstock and the other herbivores watching carefully. Meanwhile, an Ornitholestes enters the territory to hunt. The small theropod chases after a lizard, and after the lizard escapes, it decides to catch a Rhamphorhynchus up a tree. It climbs the tree and begins the chase, but gets its head stuck in the tree, and falls down onto Broken Jaw's back. Broken Jaw gets annoyed, and chases the Ornitholestes until it hides and he loses track of it. As he returns to his territory, he spots Woodstock frustrated about losing her tail, as her child was wandering alone. He gets ready to attack, until everyone's attention is thwarted to a newly arrived Torvosaurus, the predator that killed the Miragaia earlier. Broken Jaw sees it and gets scared, but doesn’t panic.

The next day, Broken Jaw, Woodstock, and her herd watch a family of Miragaias, and suddenly witness one baby being slaughtered by the Torvosaurus. Later that day, Broken Jaw goes down to the watering hole for a drink. When he looks up, the Torvosaurus is seen lying under his tree. Seeing the Torvosaurus as a threat, he begins an attempt to intimidate the Torvosaurus with threat calls and a tail whack. Broken Jaw then nudges the Torvosaurus to get its attention. However, it only aggravates the megalosaur, and soon Broken Jaw is the intimidated one. The Torvosaurus goes on the attack, knocking Broken Jaw down and biting him on the pelvis. As it tries to disembowel Broken Jaw, the Rhamphorhynchus and Ornitholestes distract the Torvosaurus and Broken Jaw escapes, leaving a trail of blood. He heads for a dried river bed to lick his wounds. The Rhamphorhynchus begins to clean the Torvosaurus's teeth, betraying Broken Jaw. Could this mean that the Torvosaurus is the new king of the watering hole?

As Broken Jaw still checks his injuries, the Torvosaurus wakes up from a nap and prepares to hunt Woodstock's child. Woodstock spots it, and quickly puts herself between the Torvosaurus and her youngster. What makes this even worse for the megalosaur is that it almost steps on a juvenile Miragaia, which infuriates the adults. Trapped between Woodstock and the Miragaias, the Torvosaurus gets annoyed and tackles Woodstock, and runs to the young Dinheirosaurus, and the Miragaias flee. It catches up to the sauropod and knocks it down. The youngster puts up a fight and kicks the Torvosaurus in the face. But the Torvosaurus bites the juvenile's leg and swings it around like a rag doll. However, Broken Jaw arrives just in time, and latches onto the Torvosaurus’s neck, giving him one last attempt to regain his territory. By the time the megalosaur shakes Broken Jaw off and tries to disembowel him, Woodstock, having recovered, charges at the Torvosaurus. Using all of her strength, she rears onto her hind legs and crushes down upon the Torvosaurus, causing it to have internal bleeding. As the Torvosaurus is dying slowly, Broken Jaw and Woodstock form a truce, and as Woodstock plays with her baby and leads it back to the herd, Broken Jaw begins to feast on the dead Torvosaurus.

A drought settles over Portugal, turning the watering hole into a puddle of mud. As Broken Jaw takes a sip and Woodstock lies down, the ground begins to shake violently. A herd of five Lusotitans arrive at the watering hole. Each one is over 30 tons and 60 feet tall. Like the Dinheirosaurus, they are seasonally migrating in search of food and water. The Dinheirosaurus, Miragaia, and even the Rhamphorhynchus and Ornitholestes follow the Lusotitans. Broken Jaw is the only one left at the watering hole, for he isn't part of the herd. He waits patiently, until a storm brews and wakes him up. In conclusion, the life as a predator has taught Broken Jaw many important things. How to hunt, how to kill, but most importantly, how to wait. <Trivia>

  • This is the only episode where early mammals do not appear.
  • There is a shot where the Dinhierosaurus is s swinging her tail, about to hit Broken Jaw. It got cut from some versions of the episode.