Therapods are a clade of primarily carnivorous dinosaurs closely related to birds, generally defined by walking bipedally on three toes.

Dinosaur Revolution

Many of the shows creatures are theropods, usually the primary focus on the episode or short.

  • Episode one features Eoraptor, Cryolophosaurus, and Gigantoraptor as the primary focus of three shorts respectively.
  • Episode two features Allosaurus as the primary focus of the entire episode, and also features Ornitholestes and Torvosaurus as a side character and primary antagonist respectively.
  • Episode 3 features Utahraptor, Rahonavis and Guanlong as the primary focus of three shorts, as well as Majungasaurus, Velociraptor and Sinraptor as the primary antagonists of multiple shorts.
  • Episode 4 features Tyrannosaurus and Troodon as the primary focus of the episode.
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