Creature information
Scientific name : Tylosaurus proriger
Time period : Late Cretaceous period
Primary diet : Carnivores
In the series
Fatalities caused : Three Sharks
Appearances : Evolution's Winners

Tylosaurus proriger was actually the proper creature in the Evolution's Winners episode of Dinosaur Revolution.

It is one of the largest of the mosasaurs, reaching lengths of 46 ft.


Parental CareEdit

Tylosaurus may not been a caring parent, as seen in the episode although it is debated at the time. Tylosaurus may have lived alone and it almost certainly could harm an animal like Archelon. 

Evolution's Winners Edit

A mother tylosaurus is seen swimming giving birth to live young in the deep ocean when a pack of three hungry squalicorax start attacking the young leaving only one to successfully breach and hide from the deadly sharks. The mother tylosaurus attacks one of the sharks by ramming into it at 48 kph and easily kills it. The two other sharks try to swim away from the deadly mosasaur but it seizes a shark and tears it apart. The tylosaurus spots the last shark and charges at it easily destroys it. The mosasaurs young eats the rest of it's kill and the mother tylosaurus breaches.



The head of a Tylosaurus.

. Tylosaurus was one of the largest mosaurs at 14 m long

. Tylosaurus has now been known to have a tail fluke

. There is no proof of tylosaurus looking after it's young

. Tylosaurus is also known as the "t.rex of the sea" or "sea rex"

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