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Tylosaurus is a genus of mosasaur that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous period. It appeared in the first episode of Dinosaur Revolution, Evolution's Winners, albeit unnamed.

Physical Characteristics[]

Along with plesiosaurs, sharks, fish, and other genera of mosasaurs, it was a dominant predator of the Western Interior Seaway during the Late Cretaceous. Tylosaurus proriger was among the largest of all the mosasaurs (along with Hainosaurus and Mosasaurus hoffmannii), reaching maximum lengths of 14 m (46 ft). A distinguishing characteristic of Tylosaurus is its elongated, cylindrical premaxilla (snout) from which it takes its name and which may have been used to ram and stun prey and also in intraspecific combat.

Early restorations showing Tylosaurus with a dorsal crest were based on misidentified tracheal cartilage, but when the error was discovered, depicting mosasaurs with such crests was already a trend.

In Dinosaur Revolution[]

Evolution's Winners[]

A mother tylosaurus is seen swimming giving birth to live young in the deep ocean when a pack of three hungry squalicorax start attacking the young leaving only one to successfully breach and hide from the deadly sharks. The mother tylosaurus attacks one of the sharks by ramming into it at 48 kph and easily kills it. The two other sharks try to swim away from the deadly mosasaur but it seizes a shark and tears it apart. The tylosaurus spots the last shark and charges at it easily destroys it. The mosasaurs young eats the rest of it's kill and the mother tylosaurus breaches.


  • The Tylosaurus model used in the show lacked a tail fluke.
    • According to series director David Krentz in a Dinosaur Mailing List thread, the discovery of mosasaur tail flukes was announced just after the model was sent out.
  • There is no evidence supporting parental care in Tylosaurus.


parental care in Tylosaurus.
  • Tylosaurus is also known as the "T. rex of the sea"