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The scene of Utah is shown in the third episode (Survival Tactics) with the Utahraptor or the Cedarosaurus as a main character.


In the beginning of the third episode it is shown a turtle in a desert of Utah in the Early Cretaceous period (126 M.y.). A cockroach walks on it´s shell. The turtle is then grabbed by a grey Utahraptor.

Later it is seen a brown pack of Utahraptors hunting a herd of Cedarosaurus. The herd runs away but it is also a target to the grey pack of Utahraptors that run on the same direction of the brown pack. When the brown pack took down the young Cedarosaurus, the grey pack met the rival group and they began to fought. The young sauropod raise up, whilst the Utahraptors are fighting. However, a crocodyliform bites the leg of the Cedarosaurus and the Utahraptors have realised that their prey was escaping and they began to attack. One of the raptors blinds the crocodyliform with it's claw, and the reptile goes back to water. The adult Cedarosaurus approached and scares off all the Utahraptors. In the end, one of the raptors is seen on the water trying to swim to the surface, until being killed by the hungry crocodyliform.


Two pairs of both Utahraptor's pack.


  • Turtle
  • Utahraptor
  • Cedarosaurus
  • Crocodyliform